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too many outspoken americans are still really, really stupid. ~.m. by maria b.

they can’t handle the U.S. release of a film about Darwin? really? i know it’s not balanced out with a film about creationism or intelligent design, but honestly. it’s not being forced on anyone, you don’t have to see it. so much fist-shaking about Teh Eebul Netchurell Sullekshun and Ebuhlooshun. yikes. oh, right, cuz according to that February Gallup poll, only 39% of Americans believe in evolution. holy shit, indeed.

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What’s Good, Throwback? by -Z- by -Z-

I’m posting this, because I have a blog that allows me to do so.

This was always one of my favorite Happy Tree Friends episodes.  I never watch these anymore, but a friend told me about a dream about woodland creatures they had last night, and it popped back into my head.  Which also made me think about Homestarrunner, which I used to follow at about the same time (freshman year in college…). What happened to the good ol’ days?

Freshman year of college, .m. and I were busy not studying enough, playing basketball all day, road tripping to Dubuque, hanging out with dudes named Striker and Baby T, and hating on our roommates.  We also wore midriff baring shirts.  Embarrassing.

i fuckin’ KNEW it! by maria b.
February 22, 2009, 12:05 am
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so i really felt like i had to post this. i found a bunch of youtube videos of Denver the Last Dinosaur, and i’m really psyched about that. because i’ve asked every person i know if they remember this cartoon, and everybody’s response is the same look at me, like i just asked them if they like their dead babies sauteed or fried.

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