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Tiny Art Director by -Z- by -Z-
He must be angry cuz he lost his tail!

He must be angry cuz he lost his tail!

Jezebel put me on to this website, which I totally went bananas over this morning.  It’s called Tiny Art Director. This guy draws whatever his little kid tells him to.  And then she critiques it.  Me and my brother used to do this all the time when we were little kids.  My bro, Zach, is a great freehand artist and can come up with anything you tell him to.  Maybe he and I should make a website like this. Get a book deal. Be rich.  My petulant fuming isn’t much different than a four year old’s. Whattya think, brudda?


Smackin’ In The Name Of….. by -Z- by -Z-

So, Wednesday night I went to dinner with a friend of mine.  This girl used to be roommates with me and .m. in college.  She is pretty much the antithesis of Pinky Links philosophy (anti-feminist, not interested in politics or current events, nestles comfortably in the patriarchy surrounding her, etc).  We call her “Charlotte” from Sex and the City.  She lives in a parallel 1950’s universe at all times.   (Now that you have some background, I will move on.) Continue reading

Abstinence Only Education…Here’s Why Not. -Z- by -Z-

Look at all the contraception! Please. Just pick one. Even better, pick two! Or more! 

I totally just yoinked this website from Missbehave’s Blog!  

Anyways, the website is called Why the F*** Do You Have a Kid? 

I cannot tell you how much I adore this website.  .m., myself, and jb have had many an inappropriate conversation regarding the decision to have and keep a baby.  Sometimes I see people in their thirties…and wonder if it’s too late to abort. For real.  Teenagers are unfortunate to begin with.  Teenagers with offspring, well, this website absolutely sums it up.

Slumdog Millionaire by Z by -Z-
February 22, 2009, 11:38 am
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Went and saw Slumdog Millionaire last night with the parents (MY SATURDAY NIGHT!!!) and the official family impression was that it did a great job showing how India has changed over 20 years.  And not just going from “Bombay” to “Mumbai,” foolios. 

My Pops was talking about police brutality in India (we lived in Pakistan for quite some time…and they are veerrrryyy similar) and wondered how often it’s going on. These were his words “yeah back then, it wasn’t anything to hear about someone being thrown on a block of ice, or getting electrocuted.” Hhhhh…..

Personally…I thought the movie was great, but not really Oscar great. The love story was a little eh…the cultural and social discussion of India was what I think really struck us all.