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One Fifth Grade Teacher’s Quest to Help Me Find Jesus & Love Patriarchy by -Z- by -Z-

I am at least 15 out of 38 of these delectable Devil-Loving types of people. What's with the IST'S as opposed to ISTS? Not the point of this post, but I'm just saying.... Sport's Nut's?

 Several weeks ago on Fuckbook, I posted the following quote as my Fuckbook status:

“I call myself a feminist. Isn’t that what you call someone who fights for women’s rights?” ~Dalai Lama

I got some little “Like This” thumbs-up signs and the following comments:

Yeah, more people would be willing to acknowledge/label themselves as feminists if more would be aware of its actual meaning and purpose… Sadly it’s a horribly misinterpreted and distorted term.
-Z-‘s Fifth Grade Teacher
Thanks to many of the feminists in the past who gave it a very bad connotation because of their radical agenda at that time. It wasn’t just about women’s rights, like voting, but distorted family and motherhood, in the process and was demeaning to many women, too.
Sometimes you have be ‘radical’ to shake people up and take notice.
I’d be interested to know what you are referencing when you say “distorted family and motherhood” and how feminism has demeaned women, Fifth Grade Teacher.
-Z-‘s Fifth Grade Teacher
I’m working on your answer!
A couple weeks later, and lo and behold, THE ANSWER pops up in my Fuckbook Message Inbox. 

THE ANSWER after the jump! Continue reading

California(‘s Supreme Court) blows goats. ~.m. by maria b.

California is a hate state.

and their economy is fucked, too.

new hampshire is so gay! ~.m. by maria b.

oh, wait. no, it’s not.

i’d really like to use my finishing move on this guy. ~.m. by maria b.

dick cheney is the devil. please add your more clever cheney jokes or insults in the comments section below this post. i don’t have the time to do that at the moment, and i’m unable to come up with a clever, biting way to express how much i detest this insult to democracy and crusader against the Constitution. i mean, i really really hate that guy. i hope he loses all his money and has to file for bankruptcy because of his mounting medical bills and that, while on his death bed, a choir of newlywed gays and lesbians sings Liberace as he fades away.

p.s. in case you forgot, this is my finishing move.

Implants and Jesus are like Peas and Carrots by -Z- by -Z-
How are you in any way a representative of California? Besides your implants.

How are you in any way a representative of California? I mean, besides your implants.

-Z-: i just read in jezebel that miss california organization paid for that miss california’s breast implants
 that fucking bitch
 .m.: i know
  i almost blogged on it
  but it’s just bullshit
  who cares about that ho
 -Z-: i’m thinking about it
  you judgmental fuck….
  all your fucking “values”
 .m.: right
  would jesus get implants??
 -Z-: apparently don’t apply to ripping holes in your body and sticking foreign objects in you
 .m.: is there some spiritual aspect to getting/having implants that i don’t know about? do they get you closer to god?
 -Z-: maybe they have holy saline in them
 .m.: hahaha
 -Z-: role model my ass
 .m.: ugh
  now i want to blog on that shit
  but not enough to actually do it
 -Z-: lol i think i’m going to