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Gingers Got Jokes (Sometimes.) by -Z- by -Z-
September 14, 2009, 9:26 am
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The Ginger:  ok, so this family of bears is getting divorced, and the judge asks the baby bear
“do you want to go live with your dad?”

me:  i like this already

The Ginger:  and he says “no my dad beats me, i don’t want to live with him”
“well how about living with your mom then?”
“no, she beats me everyday too!”
“well where do you want to live then?”
and the baby bear says “i want to go live in chicago. because the bears there, don’t beat anybody.”


Compensating For China’s One Child Policy, One Fetus At A Time. by -Z- by -Z-
This woman has been preggo for over 20 years.

This woman has been preggo for over 20 years.

Brudda: I sent you a thing to piss you off! does that suck or what?

me: yeah i saw that. good, i’m sure that clown car wasn’t quite full enough. maybe mother duggar just loooooves to fuuuuuck.

Brudda: yeah but with all those kids, whose got the time?

me: her vadge must be totally blown out

Brudda: true that. These days her husband probably just jumps in feet first and masturbates. And that…is Duggar sex.

me: haha GROSS

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Implants and Jesus are like Peas and Carrots by -Z- by -Z-
How are you in any way a representative of California? Besides your implants.

How are you in any way a representative of California? I mean, besides your implants.

-Z-: i just read in jezebel that miss california organization paid for that miss california’s breast implants
 that fucking bitch
 .m.: i know
  i almost blogged on it
  but it’s just bullshit
  who cares about that ho
 -Z-: i’m thinking about it
  you judgmental fuck….
  all your fucking “values”
 .m.: right
  would jesus get implants??
 -Z-: apparently don’t apply to ripping holes in your body and sticking foreign objects in you
 .m.: is there some spiritual aspect to getting/having implants that i don’t know about? do they get you closer to god?
 -Z-: maybe they have holy saline in them
 .m.: hahaha
 -Z-: role model my ass
 .m.: ugh
  now i want to blog on that shit
  but not enough to actually do it
 -Z-: lol i think i’m going to

Tough Love…-Z- & .m. Edition by -Z- by -Z-


Tough Love
.m. and I have been watching this show.  This show is more or less about a dozen or so women, who are all looking for love.  Some Hollywood matchmaker (pictured above) has a “Tough Love” bootcamp, where he talks to the women about how to get men.  The women are all fucking nanners.  They found crazies from across the board.  Such as:
  • Girl Who Wants to Get Married NOW
  • Nearing 40 Woman Loves Career More Than Catering to Men
  • Crazy Gets Opinion On Men She Dates From Her Cats 
  • The Slut (of cooouurrssee)
  • The Loud One
  • The Drunk
  • The Gold Digger

More opinions and how .m. and I would be on Tough Love after the jump: Continue reading

Vending Machine Baby Update. No Longer of This World. by -Z- by -Z-

This morning, I got to the office promptly at 8:00 a.m.  Got myself a cup of coffee. Settled in to my desk to get ready for another great day of work!

*Phone Rings*

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Sexy Time! -Z- by -Z-
I cant keep my dirty dirty eyes off her deliciously bare ankles!

I can't keep my dirty dirty eyes off her deliciously bare ankles!

I’m getting pumped for summer.  Why?  Because I just found out that there are new swimsuit options that will revert us ladies out of whoredom!  Who turned me on to this?  None other than the NSA.

gchat convo:
  you should look into these
  for summer

Is NSA trying to save me from whoredom?  Regardless, I’ve got pretty hot wrists and ankles, and that bathe-u-tard isn’t going to save this little lady from the roving dirty sinful eyes and thoughts of the impure.  Looks like I’ll be sticking to the bikini. Unless .m. wants to get one, too! We could make an outing of it!

This is what I propose, .m.  I vote that we get us some WholesomeWear. Go to the beach this summer. And act as lewd and disgusting as possible.  Hit on everything and everybody around us. Writhe in the surf.  Cuss like sailors.  We’ll take pictures and blog about the experience!

Wait…how much do these shits cost? Hmm….