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Crazy Right-Wing Dickheads Are Anti Gun Control, Need To Shoot People Who Don’t Agree With Them… by -Z- by -Z-


In the last month, we have witnessed the brutal murder of heroic Dr. George Tiller (1941-2009), an abortion provider who gave his services to desperate women throughout the nation.   Yesterday, a security guard at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in D.C. was murdered by a white supremacist.  The sense of entitlement these assholes have makes me furious.  It also makes me crave some gun control. 

Just because you say you believe in Jesus doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to murder people! (Really? I can’t just repent afterwards and still get into heavan?)  These are the same crazy Far Right nutjobs that yell about “freedom” and “terrorism” and other Ammurrriicaaan ideology.  Your extremist actions constitute terrorism, idiots.  You don’t see liberals murdering folks that disagree with them on Global Warming. 

How can these people claim to follow the teachings of PACIFIST (definition HERE), Jesus Christ? I would like to send this Onion article to every bible thumping right wing anti-choice waste of space out there. Fucking hypocrites.


this one is dedicated to my cat lovin gerls… -jb- by jig burn

a reason to fear god.

Implants and Jesus are like Peas and Carrots by -Z- by -Z-
How are you in any way a representative of California? Besides your implants.

How are you in any way a representative of California? I mean, besides your implants.

-Z-: i just read in jezebel that miss california organization paid for that miss california’s breast implants
 that fucking bitch
 .m.: i know
  i almost blogged on it
  but it’s just bullshit
  who cares about that ho
 -Z-: i’m thinking about it
  you judgmental fuck….
  all your fucking “values”
 .m.: right
  would jesus get implants??
 -Z-: apparently don’t apply to ripping holes in your body and sticking foreign objects in you
 .m.: is there some spiritual aspect to getting/having implants that i don’t know about? do they get you closer to god?
 -Z-: maybe they have holy saline in them
 .m.: hahaha
 -Z-: role model my ass
 .m.: ugh
  now i want to blog on that shit
  but not enough to actually do it
 -Z-: lol i think i’m going to