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“If I don’t get a vibrator today, I’m going straight to Target for a Doodle Pen.” by -Z- by -Z-

D called me this morning and told me our first priority of the day was to get new vibrators (both of ours have been out of commission).  That said, she swooped down to my house from her Castle of Awesomeness in her Chariot of Ford, picked me up, and away we went to A Woman’s Touch.  

We spent a good hour at A Woman’s Touch. Oh man, there are so many options.  The staff there, incredible. They gave us free testers of lube, as it was our first time there.  They answered all of our questions and when I hemmed and hawed for 25 minutes about whether to drop the mad dollas on the above piece of genius, or get a $30 toothbrush looking vibrator, they didn’t lose their patience….they offered us chocolate!  So, I settled on the Nea and D bought the Lily. Essentially, they are the same, except D’s (see below) has a silicone finish (less slippery).

 Selling points…they are small and are easily useable solo AND during sexo. They also have mad power and motors guaranteed for a year.  The batteries last for 7 hours, and that is in between charges.  That’s right, they charge like a cell phone! HUGE SELLING POINT for me and D.  Your big O doesn’t get interrupted by dead batteries!  I swear, it’s a baller device, and they come in cases that look like a diamond necklace should be inside.  They are sweet looking, design oriented.  It’s like the iPhone of vibrators (eee!),  and I for one, am pleased.  D will have to let us know how she likes hers. 

I thought I’d try mine out solo first, but Junior the NSA dropped by and got to do the honors.  It was UBER great, and now his fears of being replaced have tripled, thanks to my sweet Nea.  I might be out of commission for a little while…..I’m just sayin’.  Aaawwwiiiiiinkk!


Gee Thanks, Ginger by -Z- by -Z-

This morning while jorbing, I corrected a foolish accounting disaster, talked to 4 whiny clients, and muddled through phone calls with several asinine medical providers for the aforementioned whiny clients.  Then, the current NSA’s sister tried to friend me on fuckbook.  You don’t friend with NSA’s family members. That’s not right.  I feel sick.

Just when I thought -Z- was gonna have to choke a bitch, the Ginger sent me the above video.  It soothed my frayed and ragey nerves and put a little smile on my face. I love it. And you will, too.

Gee Thanks NSA, #5! by -Z- by -Z-

Lightning Strikes!

The NSA forwarded this article to me about a kid in Oregon that got struck by lightning.  People getting hit by lightning, suffering severe burns and a perforated ear drum, and being scarred mentally for life is no laughing matter.


The innocent school picture accompanying the article IS hilarious. Click to see the zoomed in image after the jump.  Then let’s talk about IRONY. Continue reading

Gee Thanks NSA, #4! by -Z- by -Z-
Anyone have some fries?

Anyone got some fries?

 So the NSA sent me this really great link, that I think might get Blog Rolled, for it is awesome.  The site is called You will love it, I promise. It has my stamp of approval.

I’ve been guilty of this irritating passive aggressive note leaving, too.  I’m pretty sure I wrote a note to my college roomate telling her the following:

“Please TRAIN your stupid boyfriend to put the toilet seat down.  Unless of course, he wants to start paying rent.”

She tore the note up and left it by my door.

Vending Machine Baby Update. No Longer of This World. by -Z- by -Z-

This morning, I got to the office promptly at 8:00 a.m.  Got myself a cup of coffee. Settled in to my desk to get ready for another great day of work!

*Phone Rings*

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A Chick With Glaucoma Is Doing My Filing. by -Z- by -Z-

As you can imagine, she’s still not done. 

We hired this girl at my job.  Initially, we all thought she was about 30.  Turns out, she’s 21. Smoker…Poster Child for Anti-Smoking Campaigns.  She had a decent resume, and got the Filing job.  The job is a bit monotonous, but it’s not rocket science.  Do you know your alphabet? Good.  She’s been working at my firm for one month.  What’s my beef? Keep reading…. Continue reading