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Crazy Right-Wing Dickheads Are Anti Gun Control, Need To Shoot People Who Don’t Agree With Them… by -Z- by -Z-


In the last month, we have witnessed the brutal murder of heroic Dr. George Tiller (1941-2009), an abortion provider who gave his services to desperate women throughout the nation.   Yesterday, a security guard at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in D.C. was murdered by a white supremacist.  The sense of entitlement these assholes have makes me furious.  It also makes me crave some gun control. 

Just because you say you believe in Jesus doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to murder people! (Really? I can’t just repent afterwards and still get into heavan?)  These are the same crazy Far Right nutjobs that yell about “freedom” and “terrorism” and other Ammurrriicaaan ideology.  Your extremist actions constitute terrorism, idiots.  You don’t see liberals murdering folks that disagree with them on Global Warming. 

How can these people claim to follow the teachings of PACIFIST (definition HERE), Jesus Christ? I would like to send this Onion article to every bible thumping right wing anti-choice waste of space out there. Fucking hypocrites.


California(‘s Supreme Court) blows goats. ~.m. by maria b.

California is a hate state.

and their economy is fucked, too.

A Sad Kind of Closure. by -Z- by -Z-

 The verdict is in on the tragic death of Angela Zapata, a transgender woman brutally murdered by Allen Andrade.  Andrade has been convicted for first degree murder, and the determination is decreeing it a hate crime. 

The verdict brings a bittersweet ruling.  Angie Zapata, a beautiful young woman with her whole life ahead of her had to die for the ruling.  Nothing is going to bring her back to her family, and no sentence is enough for the cruelty and hate inflicted by Andrade.  The language used in this case was so utterly disrespectful, from the defense referring to Zapata with the male name she was born with to the documentation of Andrade referring to her as “it”.  How do people become that hateful?  It’s so disturbing. 

Nevertheless, the ruling brings a proud moment for our court system, setting precedent for the acknowledgement of hate crimes against our transgendered community.  So tragic that Angie Zapata had to die for it.  Now, maybe we should be focusing on preventing these kinds of crimes from happening, with education and outreach.

Tragedy. -Z- by -Z-
April 17, 2009, 10:51 am
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Rest in Peace.

 Colorado is prosecuting Allen Andrade under a hate-crime statute for the murder of Angie Zapata (pictured above).  Ms. Zapata, a transgendered individual, was brutally murdered with a fire hose by Andrade when he found out that she was transgendered.

Most disturbing, is that the defense is trying to play this shit off as a case about deception.  Right, because when people lie to me, I kill them.

Here’s the Times article

In the meantime, let’s hope the Zapata family can get some justice out of this ugliness. Rest in Peace, Angie.

Gay Marriage Update by -Z- by -Z-

The Supreme Court in Iowa overturned a 1998 Gay Marriage ban.  Not only is this a huge step forward for equal rights, but it was also a unanimous vote, which warms my heart.

Click here for the NY Times article.