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sooooo hot! want to touch the heinie! arrooooooo! ~.m. by maria b.

cool points to you if you know what movie that’s from. anywho, i got some super hot new shoes because i’m headed to Boystown tomorrow for a gay birthday celebration. where better to show off super hot shoes than Boystown?! especially since my favorite fagala helped me pick them out!

AND they’re comfortable! soooo excited!


Yooper Disgrace: 90’s Shoes… -Z- by -Z-
No friend of mine will ever wear these shoes!

No friend of mine will ever wear these shoes!

We have a lot of stuff to post about our UP Extravaganza! But for now, feast your eyes on my mini rant about THESE shoes. Practically everyone up there was wearing these.  I’ve hated these shoes since their inception in the 90’s.  There is nothing remotely attractive about these shoes. They don’t look good on men OR women, but they were all wearing them!

.m. and I were padding around the bars in our chucks and cardigans and T’s.  I’m pretty sure everyone thought we were lesbians. 

“Why ‘aint they got no brown shoes on? Or an Aeropostale hoody in pink? Them jeans is so dark! They must think theys boys!”


Gee Thanks NSA Numero Tres -Z- by -Z-

The NSA sent me this today, with the following message:

disclaimer:  i was sent this, i wasn’t like out searching it

This poor little turtle.  Can’t get a break. Also, .m. is right, he does sound like a kazoo.

For Devrah With Love by -Z- by -Z-

Rat Slippers

This is a little something something for Devrah from an article about strange shoes at It is a bit of a follow-up on the Rat King discussion.  Needless to say, I thought of her and all her awesomeness! 

What would you rather have in your house? Rat Shoes? Or a Rat King?