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.m. Will Be None Too Pleased…. -Z- by -Z-
Sucky for you, .m.

Sucky for you, .m.

Guess what sucks for you arachnophobes?  Well, apparently, there is evidence that Global Warming is causing SPIDERS to get BIGGER!  Personally, I couldn’t give a shit. I figure bigger spiders kill bigger mosquitoes.  In fact, I’m going to celebrate and get one of THESEto fuck with people.  I know that .m. is going to hate this like a mother effer, though.

The evidence is showing that longer summers mean more hunting time for spidey.  And more time to shed exoskeletons.  And more time to suck the life out of unattended children and sleeping friends of mine.  Also, the female spiders get bigger, which means they lay more eggs, which means not only are the spiders going to be grandiose, but there are going to be TONS more of them!

So stock up on Raid, kiddos. You’re gonna need it! 

(Unless of course, you’re like me and play games like THIS all day at work.)


Sneaky Sneaky iPhone -Z- by -Z-

My iPhone helps me pick up situational irony. 


Giant Spider! Attacking City!

Giant Spider! Attacking City!

More fun iPhone Shenanigans after the jump!

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Gee Thanks NSA! Part Uno -Z- by -Z-
February 25, 2009, 10:31 am
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This is what I’ve been playing with this morning (click it!):


My spider lives on Ukraine and eats bugs out of the black sea!!