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yet another reason to detest john boehner (like you needed one.) ~.m. by maria b.


every time this waste of organic matter opens his mouth my blood pressure rises to the point that you can see the veins in my forehead. my fists clench, my jaw tightens, my pupils dilate, basically my entire sympathetic nervous system goes bat shit. i cannot STAND this guy. how he’s held office in Ohio for more than a term is  waaaayyy beyond me. seeing him tromp around behind dubya and parrot everything the bush administration had to say was just gross. and now he’s basically taking the opposite position of Obama on every single issue, just to be contrary and show how “Christian” and “Conservative” he is. he doesn’t work for the American people, and certainly not for Ohioans.

he’s against doing anything about America’s energy policy (besides offshore drilling and more subsidies for oil companies), about tax loopholes and subsidies for huge banks in the financial system, about lobbyists (shocking!), about improving America’s foreign relations and foreign policy, and now we can tack on HATE CRIMES legislation to that list.

that’s right, boehner is opposing the inclusion of the victims of violent crimes committed because of sexual orientation, gender, gender identity and disability (protections are currently extended to victims of crimes based on race, color, religion and national origin.) when his office was questioned about WHY on earth you wouldn’t want to protect people who are targeted based on sexual or gender identity, his spokesman responded that Boehner “supports existing federal protections (based on race, religion, gender, etc) based on immutable characteristics…He does not support adding sexual orientation to the list of protected classes.”

that’s right! WHY would you base any of your political stances on SCIENCE??

so, recap: boehner believes that RELIGION is not a personal choice of a person, but that SEXUAL ORIENTATION is. this guy is so backwards i’m surprised that he’s not aging like Benjamin fucking Button. holy christ.


i woulda throttled this stupid bitch. ~.m. by maria b.

this is just a notable example of bigots looking for any excuse to discredit the motives behind the LGBT community’s struggle for equal rights and equal consideration under the law. what this sorry excuse for a representative said is a bold-faced lie uttered toward a disgusting end: to derail a hate crimes bill that would protect gays and lesbians (i have not yet checked to see whether this bill protects transgendered people–many times, this group is excluded for expediency’s sake.)

morevoer, hearing people talk about LGBT folks as somehow manipulative, sick and inhuman makes me forget to use my words and gives me the urge to use my fists and heavy objects to inflict serious bodily harm. luckily for them, i recognize their right to be ignorant, bigoted, degenerate fucktards and to spew these disgusting, baseless ideas as protected here in Amurrikuh, so i don’t do that. i just blog about it.

it’s funny how those hypocrites take for grated simple rights they have as straight Americans, while other people are forced to lobby, protest and practically beg for these same things.

so get another divorce, whore. and don’t get caught cheating on your wife, dickhole. and don’t let your wife catch you molesting little boys, asswipe. people might take away your right to get married! oh, wait, no they won’t. you’re straight. (a more lighthearted video after the jump) Continue reading

A Sad Kind of Closure. by -Z- by -Z-

 The verdict is in on the tragic death of Angela Zapata, a transgender woman brutally murdered by Allen Andrade.  Andrade has been convicted for first degree murder, and the determination is decreeing it a hate crime. 

The verdict brings a bittersweet ruling.  Angie Zapata, a beautiful young woman with her whole life ahead of her had to die for the ruling.  Nothing is going to bring her back to her family, and no sentence is enough for the cruelty and hate inflicted by Andrade.  The language used in this case was so utterly disrespectful, from the defense referring to Zapata with the male name she was born with to the documentation of Andrade referring to her as “it”.  How do people become that hateful?  It’s so disturbing. 

Nevertheless, the ruling brings a proud moment for our court system, setting precedent for the acknowledgement of hate crimes against our transgendered community.  So tragic that Angie Zapata had to die for it.  Now, maybe we should be focusing on preventing these kinds of crimes from happening, with education and outreach.

A Chick With Glaucoma Is Doing My Filing. by -Z- by -Z-

As you can imagine, she’s still not done. 

We hired this girl at my job.  Initially, we all thought she was about 30.  Turns out, she’s 21. Smoker…Poster Child for Anti-Smoking Campaigns.  She had a decent resume, and got the Filing job.  The job is a bit monotonous, but it’s not rocket science.  Do you know your alphabet? Good.  She’s been working at my firm for one month.  What’s my beef? Keep reading…. Continue reading

Tragedy. -Z- by -Z-
April 17, 2009, 10:51 am
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Rest in Peace.

 Colorado is prosecuting Allen Andrade under a hate-crime statute for the murder of Angie Zapata (pictured above).  Ms. Zapata, a transgendered individual, was brutally murdered with a fire hose by Andrade when he found out that she was transgendered.

Most disturbing, is that the defense is trying to play this shit off as a case about deception.  Right, because when people lie to me, I kill them.

Here’s the Times article

In the meantime, let’s hope the Zapata family can get some justice out of this ugliness. Rest in Peace, Angie.

“Chet Chat” Shuttit, Poseur. -Z- by -Z-

Anyone Catch The Real World Last Night?

She's been struggling to be her true self her entire life.

I got on Real World and my Mom took me shopping!

"I got on Real World and my Mom took me shopping!"

So .m. and I don’t usually watch Real World, but we had both seen commercials about this particular episode, and decided to watch it last night.  Thoughts (and rage!) after the jump.
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